Hello all!
New to this forum and looking for any opinions or advice.

I have been offered to purchase a 1998 GMC Suburban with 28,000 miles on it for $4,500.

The current owner has this 98 GMC Suburban along with newer GMC vehicles at one of his multiple vacation homes. He recently accepted an offer to sell this home and the new owner does not want the vehicles. I have not seen the vehicle, but it has been managed by a local GMC dealer and has been annually maintened. The 98 vehicle has been stored in a heated garage since new and only used two to four weeks a year in central Idaho. I have been around the current owner for six years and he always purchases the best and maintains all his vehicles, vessels and homes to the highest standards, so I am confident the 98 suburban is in excellent shape.

I will confess that I have owned a 98 Ford Expedition EB since new, which is still going strong with 145,000 miles on it. I almost hate to give it up.

My questions to forum members:
1. Should I be concerned about purchasing an older vehicle with such low milage?
2. What kind of issues have late 90 Suburbans had?

Any opinions or advice would be appreciated.

Best regards