I'm parting out a 1991 3/4 ton suburban 2 wheel drive. It has a 454 with a throttle body, a 4L80E transmission, and a 14 bolt rearend. I'm not sure if the rearend is the 9.5, or the 10.5. The interior is blue, the driver's seat is broken, but I'm almost positive the passenger and driver are the same. I'm parting it out b/c I'm thinking a connecting rod broke, if that is the case it's still at the top of the combustion chamber, so the heads, crank, and block should all still be ok, we killed the motor within a few seconds and haven't started it since. If anyone's interested I'm located about 1 mile off I-80 in Coralville, IA. Trades welcome, please email me @ toktoleo@hotmail.com thanks