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hi guys just looked at several threads and gotta say why bash ford trucks ! china may well be making look a like f-150s because they sell so many here in america ! I would not buy a ford truck but millions do, and they are good trucks just like your chevy ! personally i think gm needs a redesign of the current silverado cause it is butt ugly!! Ford is not much better but is better looking . i realize looks are subjective but if chevy trucks looked like dodge trucks they would sell a million a day !! Gm has great drivetrains !! dont mean to offend anyone just my opion .
I adamantly disagree with you. My Silverado is the best looking truck on the market , with out mods. With available mods? look through this site, there are many many killer trucks and suvs.
Chevy loyalists have always bashed the competition as do the other makers bash Chev. Head up nothing compares to my Silverado. Well Except a 379 Pete.
If you like ford go buy one and then get ready for the teasing and bashing.