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So, I am quite disappointed that only 9 MIDWEST MEMBERS posted for their truck meet. I know that there are 1000's of members from Ohio, MN, MISS, and surrounding states... I guess no-one wants a truck meet??. I guess you guys don't realize how much work goes into setting ones of these regional meets, and I am doing it for everyone. I will plan a smaller meet for the 9 MEMBERS who posted and if more members post then I will plan a big meet like everyone is getting.
SORRY to the 9 members who posted, who actually want a meet, the rest of the 1000's of members who live in your area, don't care for a truck meet. I will still come through for my friends and members who posted.

Thanks for Everything youve done so far Erica..much appreciated,having set up a few meets between Ham radio and Bike meets I know it takes alot of work and organization and can be frustrating at times..so from myself and the others interested..A Big Thanks to You.