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    Default Blowing Ignition Fuses!!!!

    Just finished putting a rebuilt 4L60E Transmission into my 99 Suburban double checked everything jumpped in turned the key and nothing!!!!Found a blown fuse at IGN A 40 changed it out and it blew again. checke dthe starter and no cracked wires blew it again.

    The running lights come on and the dash lights up no problem with a new fuse. Raido, fan, all dash light work when a new fuse is put in. Turn the key to START and the fuse blows. running lights go off but everything else is fine.

    Any suggestions???

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    Found it!!! After putting the tranny in, I missed one top nut, unfortunately, it was the one the grounds the electrics. Did it up
    nice and tight and she went like a trooper! ....Until, 3 kms later and it stopped dead on the road. no blown fuse this time but smoke pouring out from the starter!!! WTF? anyone know why this would happen???

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    Are you sure it's the starter and not some trans fluid leaking out?
    That starter shouldn't have any power to it once the engine starts.

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    yes, the smoke was coming out of the small tube at the rear of the starter and it was also very hot to the touch, I had to wait 20 minutes before I could handle it. There was some smoke from the pipes as it burned off the trans fluid that was on my hands during the install, but this was a starter issue.

    The cog on the starter is able to slip up and down the shaft freely and once I took it of and rested it on the frame, I had a buddy turn the keyi was underneath and saw that it had power when the key turned (clicking). I gave it a light tap with a shifter and as I did it sparked where it was touching the frame! after that it seems there is no power there, no sparks and no clicking

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    Is it possible the starter wasnt aligned correctly on the flywheel causing it to hang up and forcing it to keep spinning with the engine which heated it up?

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    That is what i was thinking but is that even possible to do?

    I believe this is the problem i am now having. Should this turn out to be the situation, what will have happened to the wires conecting to the starter? I havent blown a fuse (very hard to buy the big ones here) but could the wire harness be toast or will the cook up be contained to the starter?

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    If the starter has no power to it from the wiring it should isolate the damage to just the starter.

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    Sweet! I ordered a new one last night so it should be here tomorrow!

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    Pete you near Atsugi? I spent alot of time during 2003/04 in Atsugi. Nice place to visit, wish I would have had more time to explore Tokyo and the surrounding area.

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    Pretty cllose. I live in Hachioji and have a second house in the Japan Alps. Are you still military? I was Australian Army a long time ago.

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