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    Default Need help determining wheel size needed

    Hello to all! My First post here, glad to be a new member!

    I decieded it was time to upgrade the tires on my 1991 1500 4x4 suburban. I found out pretty quick that my options for more aggressive tires in 15" where pretty slim.
    I went ahead and ordered a set of 265/75R16 goodyear wrangler duratec's thinking it was going to be a simple trip to the junkyard to puck up a set of 16" alloy wheels from a 1991 4x4 chevy truck.
    This is where my fun BEGINS.
    The first set of rims they brought out I learned that they kept the large bore size (108mm I believe) on the suburbans after they had already switched the trucks to contain all of the 4x4 stuff within the wheel.
    The second set of rims where off of a nissan. They had the 6x5.5 lug pattern and the 108mm bore hub, so I am good to go right? No. I brought the rims and tires to the tire dealer to have them put them on. They tried to mount one of the rims only to find that the rim woudl nto fit over my much larger rotor. Thank good the junkyard was willing to refund me.
    The third set of rims, the tire dealer ordered in for me, the hub was once again too small.
    The fourth set, another set the tire dealer ordered had the correct hub bore diameter, but hit my tie rod end.

    At this point the tire dealer wants nothign more to do with me. He said for my trouble if I can find a rim that will fit he will put the tireson for free.

    I have done a lot of studying since and have learned about offsets, negative offsets, and their relationship to the backspacing. I still do not know how to determine exactly what I need. Can anyone offer me some advice?

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    I have a 1990 1500 Suburban with Crager steel wheels in 15", not sure of offset. I wish they would fit on my 2000 Tahoe but wont cause of brakes. Are you looking for aluminum?
    Did you look into Alcoa?
    Everyday I wake up is a great day! ;-)
    05' Chevy Suburban, 11' Ford Fiesta

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