Hey folks, Any help on this one would be great! I started throwing a PO327 knock code. Pulled off intake and sure enough I had the whole corrosion thing going on with the water in sensor wells. Installed new OEM sensors and harness. Next day threw the code again?? Pulled connector plug off and validated I was getting 100k ohms to ground on both pins. Reset code, and next day same thing?? Took to dealer and they played with it for two hours and said my front sensor was bad, and charged me $220! I am thinking great, so I checked ohm readings again and they were still right at 100k. Grabbed my old harness, and soldered on one 100k ohm resistor to each wire and crimped on an eyelet attaching it to ground. Now I have both sensors out of loop, and after a day it throws same PO327. What the F! Another weird thing my truck does, and only on hot days with the air on, is every now and then, it will start shifting hard. I will be cruising along and pull up to a stop sign. Take off and its like I just installed a shift kit? Pull over and shut off engine for a few seconds, start it up and drive off, and its good to go. Again, this is only in the hot weather. Tranny has been serviced per OEM schedule. For some reason the ECM is telling the tranny to go to full pressure. I can't get a code to come up on my reader, but when I had the dealer looking at this for the Knock sensor issue, they said they had cleared a slip code. Starting to think its my ECM weirding out on me, but curious who might have some thoughts on these items?? Thanks