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    Default New fuel pump buzzing noise

    I installed a new Delphi fuel pump assembly, AC Delco fuel filter, and Delphi fuel pressure regulator this past Friday and now I have a buzzing sound that comes from the pump and travels up the fuel line to the fuel pressure regulator. The truck idles and accelerates fine with no hesitation what so ever. I had replaced the fuel pressure regulator in October with an Autozone one and it made the same sound with the old pump, but went away after driving from NC to AZ. Is it possible there is air in the system or is this a noise I have to live with? Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Update- The noise seems to be worse in the mornings and gets quieter throughout the day as the day gets warmer. Anybody have any guesses on what it could be? Faulty pump or pressure regulator maybe?

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    Is the pump generating the correct pressure? If I had to guess, I would guess:

    a) out of the blue, you got an extra noisy pump.
    b) You left something (a tool or other small piece) on top of the gas tank that is vibrating when the pump runs.
    c) a piece of fuel line is loose in it's mounting that is creating a rattle.
    d) the pump is a loose in it's mountings inside the tank.

    or something along those lines.
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    Default Update-New fuel pump/system buzzing

    I finally had a chance to get the bed off my truck and recheck all the work I previously done. Everything checked out good except for the buzzing noise. I traced to the return line and it I can feel it vibrate from the fuel rail all the way back to the tank. I put my ear on top of the pump and it is not the pump. When I take the vacuum line off the fpr, it doesn't make the sound. It is a brand new Delphi fpr. Do you think I might have gotten a faulty fpr or could it be a possible restricted line?

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    Is the regulator maintaining the correct pressure? Assuming it is the same basic design as my '98 (What year/engine is it, anyway?), the FP is a basic back pressure regulator. I could see it "buzzing" while not necessarily being faulty. As with other similar type things, the noise may not indicate anything, maybe some "crud" stuck in the diaphragm part of the regulator, maybe a spring that is not seated correctly, or who knows. If it is not maintaing the correct pressure, then it shouldn't be too hard to get the vendor to warranty the part. If it is otherwise working correctly, then it would be a question of whether the vendor will agree that the buzz alone is a "manufacturing defect" or not.

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    Thanks for the replies Mr Shorty. I have not been able to test the fuel pressure, but I assume it is good since the truck idles fine and there is no hesitation when accelerating. It is weird that it mainly does it when it sits overnight or it is cool out(below 60, in Yuma, AZ that is cool LOL), but it doesnt make a sound when it sits at work and the temp gets 70+. Probably nothing to worry about and just will have to live with it.

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    Glad to know people are able to find these posts and is helping them as they diagnose their issues.

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