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    Default vibration at 40mph

    I have a 2007 GMC 1/2 2wd V6 Auto 96000miles . I just bought it last month . It runs and drives great with the exception of a very light vibration at 40mph . If I am driving through slow traffic and not accelerating and not decelerating just more or less coasting at around 40 mph it vibrates in the steering wheel ,seat ,and floor pan, as a harmonic vibration would feel . It comes right out of it and stops vibrating if I accelerate even slightly ,or brake even slightly . This is a very light vibration and sound ,yet still is annoying . It almost feels like I am driving on those ridges cut in the pavemant at the right side of the road when you accidently veer off your driving lane ? Any help would be welcome on this .

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    this may sound stupid. but i wonder if its your u joints in the driveshaft. cause under accel the joint has pressure on it so its not rumbling let off and coast and it rattles. trust me they get noisy u can feel it up ur spine. grab the shaft and wiggle it back n forth. is it coming from the right side front or back or left side front or back? if u even know where its originating.

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    Well the u's are fine . And the noise I heard from worn u's is much differant than the noise I get from this truck . I have found many articles on frame vibration or frame beaming . And replacing the rear cab rubber mounts was one option . I crawled under and took a peak . By the rear cab mounts is an additional stabilizer strap running from cab to frame . It is quite beefy and looks like a GM added thought to stiffin the connection at that point of the cab . From what I have read, my viberation problem is quite minor compared to others descriptions . The fix that has been offered by Gm is a set of redesigned rubber mounts to take the place of the factory installed mounts . With about an 80% noise reduction . I am wondering if I am already at the best it can be being as my noise is so minor compared to others . What a dilema .

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    i have vibrations in mine and i just dont mind it. i have 33s so its a whiny noisy ride haha. if its killin yah id fix it but hey if it aint broke dont fix it.

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