Well I orderd some new wheels and tires for my truck. Excited cause I got a smokin deal. They were suppose to arrive tuesday so I took off work early to be there when the driver shows up. He takes out 1 wheel, then 2 then 3 and uhhh closes the door. They left one in mississippi. They said it would be here Wednesday. I was like man this sucks but o.k I can wait one more day. So My dad is home Yesterday so as the UPS guy shows up and is rolling the rim in my dad hears this clinking noise. Opens it up to find out that the lugs had spilled and now I'm stuck with 4wheels/tires and a total of 3 lug nuts. Sweet. When I get home I look at the rim and from the retard rolling it and hearing the clink clink clink that was my nice new rim getting dented and scratched. So now I have to send it back and then they send me a new one. Looking at around 2 weeks. But on a brighter side, I'll have the lugnuts friday. YAY. Sorry guys just had to vent.