Hey folks,

I have just acquired a 2001 1500HD 4x4 (traded my caddy and $500 for it) and the speedo doesn't work. I changed one speed sensor in the transfer case (even swapped them around...for there is two). I took the cluster out of my 2001 2500HD service truck and all other gauges worked except the speedo.

The truck just recently had the transmission swapped with a working used one from LKQ. I have been looking for disconnected grounds and sensor pig tails to no avail.

I get the CO236 code on my ABS DTC but that's all the info I can get.

I am new to the cite and attempted to do a key word search but got nothing useful.

Please help,

2001 1500HD 6.0 4x4 AT
2001 2500HD 6.0 Service truck