I have a 1995 Chevy Kodiak with a GASOLINE engine. It does not start and the TBI (throttle body) injectors do not spray.

We replaced the in-tank fuel pump and the injector bodies. The tank has 10 gallons of gas.

The truck sat for two years without being run.

1) The engine cranks great
2) If I put gasoline into the throttle, the engine does start, and dies when the gas burns off
3) The injectors do not spray fuel
4) We replaced in-tank fuel pump and injector bodies
5) At best, injectors drip fuel, at worst, nothing comes out
6) If I remove the pressure regulator assembly and turn the key to START, fuel sprays out of the orifice at a great flow

I cannot make sense of the above. How would I approach diagnosing my problem? Why would the fuel not spray?

Thanks, guys!