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    Angry 97 4.3L no start!!!

    Hi all. I have a 97 c/1500 w/t that refuses to start. Had some problems with it over the summer and ended up replacing the fuel pump. It ran fine untilthe weather started cooling off, and then I started having hard starting problems in the cooler temps. So i replaced the plugs and wires becausei had also been having a problem with it stuttering and icould hear a missfire at idle. Once again it ran fine for a while and then it started all over again. Hard start, stutter under acceleration, and missing. Now the truck wont start at all. I checked the spark at the ignition coil and it was very weak, so i just replaced that, but it still wont start. so do i throw a cap and rotor at the thing or does anyone think i should look elsewhere? Please help. Thanks for any advice in advance.

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    cap/rotors are cheap and simple to install. I'd say go for it for the sake of troubleshooting since basically you've done everything else. and it sounds repetitive.. but if you can get one on it, get a gauge on your fuel rail and check what kinda pressure you're getting there vs what spec says should be there. also, they make a tool for checking fuel injector pulse.. may check and see if an autoparts store has them for rental use (wouldn't get my hopes up though). If it ran i would say run a good fuel system cleaner through it.. but obviously that wont work too well right now. could be gummed up injectors. theres lots of factors in a no-start situation. Air, Fuel, and Fire.. its a hell of a long process if there aren't any clues to start with!

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    You also could have some temp sensors failing/failed and giving the ecm bad/wrong information causing it to not start properly.
    A temp sensor giving a false high engine/air temp should cause the computer to give a lean fuel mixture thus not allowing a cold start.
    When it doesn't start, have you pulled a plug out after to see if it is wet/flooded?
    IM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS PROCEDURE but, have you tried some starter fluid? will it run with the ether?
    If not you have an electrical ingition issue to address.
    If so than you are looking at a fuel issue.
    Fuel pressure, injectors clogged, injectors not opening, computer not telling the injectors to open, etc....

    Just my .02c worth.
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    So I tried some starting fluid and she fired right up. let it run for about 15 min. then started again about an hour later. hoping an injector cleaning will cler her up. still had to crank for a sec before firing the last time but running smooth. Also noticed the cts wasnt reading so i guess ill replace that too. thanks for the help guys.

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