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    ya last years tax bill my attorney sent them a letter stating that they had to contact il states Governor and explain as to why il residents have to pay VA's tax codes. never heard anything back and haven't received anything yet for this year. im still 99.99% sure i will though.
    94 sub 6inch lift 34inch bfg mt. massive rework project soon. the audio system hit 150.3db so now its time to rebuild and try for 155db. mudpuppy is also getting a new engine, rebuilt ifs, dual 500amp 15.1vdc alts, 5 5,000amp batts, ant the combined wattage with the new system should be close to 15,000watts. this is going to be a wild ride boy and girls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UsafMoore67 View Post
    NO you don't have to get inspected and all that in VA if you are out-of-state registered. HOWEVER I think it's a two state rule, if your state has inspections or emission laws, and it's within two states, then yes you have to. By the way, to the former military that mentioned the whole inspection for base commander deal, that used to be the case, but they are doing away with that.
    So I take it DOD is rewriting the regulation. In Fort Worth, Texas (JRB Carswell) their still going by the rules put in place back in 1999 and making everyone get a local inspection if they have out of state plates. My vehicles are registered in Texas so it doesnt matter to me. The rules change with every new base commander though because it's the base commanders decision if he's going to enforce it.

    I've gotten a tax bill every year from 1999 to 2012 for a vehicle that was initially registered in Georgia, then registered in Texas, then sold in 2005. Yep I havent even owned the car for 7 years and VA still sends me an annual tax bill on it. The saddest part is they know I'm not the owner any more because on the bill they are billing me but list the property owner as unknown.
    Thats why Virginia's known as the Communist Wealth State.

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    here in indiana. our laws are kinda okay. we can get pretty dark tint and be legal. where i live. you could spray paint your windows black and cops wouldnt really care. they dont waste there time here bothering people minding there own business. they actually catch thieves dope heads etc etc here. i drove to work one day without a windshield because i ran out of daylight the day before and passed one of the indiana state troopers on the way there. didnt even look at me. and according to law its mandatory to have a windshield or its illegal to even drive. same goes for the exhausts ride height how low how high. they dont care.

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    Here in MA the legal tint level is 35%. I have been running 20% for 3 years and the only person to ever bother me about it is the guy at the inspection shop. Kind of funny though because he also told me my rear window is tinted WAY too dark, but it is the factory glass... Don't know why but it really seems that the police tend to look the other way on some small things like tinting when they see a work truck, but my brother was frequently harassed about the tint on his Mustang with 20%. I wouldn't argue with them if they stopped me and told me it was illegal, I would simply say okay and remove it and either retint the same or at the legal level.

    One thing that really bugs me though is that there is a shop that is a combination construction company / repair shop. All of their pickup trucks are way illegally tinted (like 5%), lifted huge, and with screaming loud exhaust. I can guarantee they wouldn't truly pass inspection. I'm not trying to hate on them, but just seems a bit unfair. Must be nice to be able to give yourself an inspection sticker when you need one.
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    Just friggin call the state and have them inspect
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    just an update, had the tint removed, went to court, showed proof, case dismissed.

    coulda been worse.


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    This has got me kind of worried man. I have 20% on the front windows but have never gotten hassled for it whatsoever.Also glad that everything went fine for you. Btw, what kind of new truck were you looking at/plan on getting??
    09 Sierra SLT
    - Denali grille, black HALO headlights, smoked tails & brake light, 20% tint, Carbon fiber interior
    - Top Gun Customz 2.5" leveling kit, 305/55/20 Toyo Open Country AT's on GMC 20's
    - K&N 77 series cold air intake, Flowmaster super 10 series exhaust
    Next up: Smoked fog lights

    2000 Silverado Z71
    - 4" body lift, 315/65/16 Mastercraft Courser AT2 tires
    - Stainless steel Excalibur catback exhaust
    - Lots more to come!

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    I wouldn't worry, Animal. Virginia Beach enforces petty crap like this because it HAS to ... as it needs the refenue to fund its larger-than-usual police force. I'm in south central Virginia almost weekly (I have NC plates) and I have never run into the kind of thing SierraOwner5.3 experienced -- and my windows are stupidly dark up front, too.

    It's not a VA enforcement issue ... it's a VA Beach enforcement issue. They're just overly zealous, there, it seems.

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