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Thread: Swap Question

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    Get off the cadillac engine already! Jesus! I didn't ask you about that... You didnt shoot anything down. You quoted something you read off the Internet as the end all proof you needed to make your uneducated point.

    You just aren't getting it... A LS6 in a Chevelle is apples and oranges... Look at the weight each engine is moving. Look at the way the engine is set up. One for high rpm horsepower and one for low rpm torque. The LS6 of 1970 was gross horsepower rated also... Go google something about that and you might find that big number looking a little different on a dyno today also...

    How much would I have to pay for a LS6??? A hellova lot more than a 500!

    Caddy engine got no love because they have to pull around those huge cars... NOT Chevelles!

    I didn't ask you what a 7000 rpm SBC was good for. I know what they are good for. I have SBC's ranging from 305 to 383...

    Check out this video...

    Since the 500 is an upgraded ford 460(as in designed by the same man after building the 460 for Ford) it fits well in a fox body. This one was a testing bed to see how much nitrous a STOCK BOTTOM END JUNK YARD ENGINE could take. Guess what? He never found out. After the pump gas nationals someone bought the car from him... That look like a boat anchor to you? Just wondering...

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    Sorry just got back from Vegas so did not get around to checking till now, But thats great you got a little chubby for burnouts and slow fords that go faster with 302's instead of big boat anchors. And youtube is your reliable source.. What we have here is a "I could really care less" situation, a machanical 12 valve will outlast out perform and get better economy then just about any thing else in the price range and never need a computer. So I will build a 12 or 24 valve cummins tahoe either way it will put the big black cloud smack down when done. and you will be able to claim cadilliac power I guess we just look at the world different HEHE............

    99 tahoe 2 dr. 4x4 7.4 4L80-e NP246, SAS, dana 60 hp, sterling 10.5 rear, gibson headers, and alot of tricks of the trade !!!!!!IF YOU'RE NOT CHEATING YOUR NOT TRYING!!!!!!!!

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    No, you are completely misunderstanding me is all. If I was going to be driving my Tahoe daily I would love to stick a Cummins in it. For that matter, I'd love to stick one in my F350 with an Allison behind it!

    The vids are only to show what is going on these days with the BBCaddy... Junkyard engines running 9's is cheaper than small blocks running 9's.

    You keep calling them big boat anchors when they are less weight than a BBC. (less than my Tahoe's stock engine if I cared to pay out the rear for a set of aluminum heads.) How does that make sense?
    They are cheap power that can be found easily enough. Great for low end torque in an offroad rig. That is ALL my Tahoe will really be.

    As far as that goes anyway ill likely just run a 454 if I can get that dually for a really good price.That's why I came here in the first place. It's a TBI truck and should be the fastest swap for the hoe's 350 with spun bearings.
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    I have had two trucks with 454s, including the current one. The TBI works fantastic, contrary to that comment otherwise. The aftermarket FI stuff is what you want to avoid if you want something reliable. My current rig has had the motor seriously modified. I am still running the OEM TBI with proper reprogramming by an expert on a computer and dyno, and adjustment of the fuel pump pressure.

    I love Cadillacs. I would not, however, put a Cadillac 500 in a truck. It is not designed for that, and like one of the people says above, that is just a status thing. I would not even put one in an Escalade. In a sedan, yes, but not an Escalade.

    Fact is that the turnkey 350 crate motors are your best power option if you want turnkey operation. You can buy one with EFI for under $7,000. If you want the 454, I am all for that swap, but you cannot put EFI on it unless it is some aftermarket creature, and again the reliability is questionable.

    The 454 is not a light motor. You can shave possibly 180 lbs off the weight by swapping the heads for Edlebrock aluminum heads, which is what I did, but make sure you have a good experienced shop build the rocker assemblies to match the camshaft set up you are running.

    I have to agree with the comments about a diesel. If you want something you can put in and not have to do much adjusting to get that torque you want, the diesel may be the best solution. The fuel mileage will be better, that I can tell you. I really question whether putting a Duramax in your rig would be much heavier than a 454. It may even be lighter.

    But in the end, if you are like me, you love the 454.
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