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    I'm thankful I was able to legally terminate my offer on the property I've been trying to get. New information revealed there is a huge IRS tax lien on it that the seller failed to disclose...

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    Dang thats too bad Sur. Maybe you can get it on a tax sale. Stay tuned.
    I am thankful for my friend and her parents who made me laugh like crazy and we all had a good time as they taught me to play Dominoes.
    I cooked and they taught. No I didn't win the game but I won. Her parents are late 80's and are struggling with my friends sister being diagnosed as terminal with the big bad C. They found the cancer has spread to her uterus, spine and pancreas. They need a stress buster as did I and it worked out well for all, as we all just played and laughed and forgot about our trials and tribulations, for a brief period in time. While the chemo begins this week the surgeons have basically said it may give her a week or two more to get affairs in order. God does work in mysterious ways and I pray he lets me enjoy my grandchildren a bit more before he lets the "C" jump me again. I feel fortunate and thankful for each day I get to wake up and try to do some good , before my day of reckoning.
    2010 Chevy Silverado Z71 ext cab.4x4
    72 Monte Carlo 350-415 hp- sold (June 2011) to pay medical bills
    79 Impala 350 4bbl 375 hp- sold (June 2011)to pay medical bills

    "If He asks you to go a mile go two"

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    Pine Sol and carpet fresh for that lived in stinky feet smell in my apt

    2012 Silverado

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    Now thats down right hilarious bama

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    That's wrong!

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    I'm thankful that my flight out in the morning is not at the ass crack of dawn.

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    I am thankful to be sitting in my home today. After sitting in my company vehicle for over 7 hours waiting for a tow truck. Mechanics gotta love the blue oval crap. I lost out on several sales appointments while sitting on side of road in middle of no where. Company spent 2 hours trying to find cheapest towing service and then when he shows up the vehicle won't fit on his roll back. What a day? Thanks Blue Oval.

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    I, too, am thankful to be sitting in my home, today ... after back-to-back 18 hour days consisting of customer-facing crap and loads of fooked up connections. I can't stand air travel, anymore...

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    I am thankful to have a day off from work! Woo! Been working 6 out of 7 for the past month baby! Also, I am thankful for a great place to live
    and a garage to turn wrenches in! Sha-zam!

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