One of our newest products is something we have been developing over the past two years. A line of high quality performance shocks that are designed specifically for use on trucks that are lifted and have larger, heavier wheels and tires. Most aftermarket shocks are just "longer" to accomodate a lift but don't engineer specific valving for heavier wheels and tires. We are very proud of our new SST9000 shocks and encourage anyone with a Silverado 1500 with rear lift blocks, or a 2500 series HD with a leveling kit to check out our model specific shocks. Sorry no replacement front struts for the 1500s just yet. But they are coming
Silverado/Sierra 1500 Rear Shocks

2500HD series shocks -

If you have any questions we will happy to answer them for you if you want to email or call 800-549-4620