98 Tahoe ~ starting issue

Tried to start my newly repaired 1998 Tahoe this morning:

Turned key to START position and had gauges/lights but no start. No "battery" clicking.
Turned key to OFF position and gauges/lights began flashing and a clicking in the steering column/dash area.
Turned key to ACCESSORY (forward) position and clicking/flashing continued, but no radio/turn signals/emerg flashers/wipers.
Turned key to ACCESSORY (backward) position and nothing
Attempted to start again and flashing/clicking continues during and after key is completely removed fromignition switch.

Fuses fine.Battery is less than a month old. Alternator 1 year old. Recent repairs to cooling system and trans only.
Drove fine yesterday with several stops and starts.

I figure it is ignition switch / multi-function switch , or both.
Please reply with your experience/advice.