Hi Guys, thanks in advance for any advice.

I used to own a 2007 Z71, loved the truck and was really sad to see it go. I needed something with better fuel economy and this truck was starting to have issues. I was having engine and transmission problems fairly regularly (every 3 months). Most of it was covered by factory warranty, but since it was due to expire I decided to let the truck go and avoid future high $$$ repairs.

Long story short - I miss the truck like crazy. I've been looking for around for a little while now and have found a pretty good deal on another 2007 Z71. I'm hesitant because of the history I had with my first one, and I'm curious to hear other owners' experiences. Did I just get a bad truck, or is it very common for 2007 Tahoe's (especially Z71's) to have these issues?

Thanks again!