I've been searching around if somebody did already converting their savana mechanical fan to efans which i cant seem to find at least one. So i read a lot on other forums that convert to efans which gave me an idea. Below is the parts that i needed to complete it:

1. OEM Dual Fan from Chevy silverado 05-06 = Cost me $100 from craiglist
2. OEM Wire Harness #15912597 for the fans and included is the fan relay switch. = Cost $194.61 ordered it since i cant find anything on ebay/net or junk yard.
3. Need my PCM/ECM tuned to turn on C1= Pin 42 low speed cooling fan and Pin #33 high speed cooling fan. This cost $200 but i am still thinking about if either i need to have it tuned or will buy my own tuning software which is cost $650 for hptuners or $800 for efilive.

I have the 34 inch radiator fan that fits exactly but it needs to be custom mounted which i did. I'll attach a picture here tomorrow.

2004 GMC Savana Pro.