I just returned from Home Depot with a 4x8 sheet of plywood, but now my 95 suburban is holding it hostage. The left rear door latch quit working, and won't open. The right door opens fine, but the handle in the door jam of the left door isn't connected to the locking mechanism. It just flops around. Any ideas how to unlatch the door? Do you have to drill those rivets out around the latch? Help! This is not how I expected to spend my Sunday.

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ok, I got the answer from an internet search. The carpeted lower panel will come off with the door shut. Start from the latch side of the door and pop the carpeted panel off with a "interior panel removal" tool (You know, the tool with the divided blade that goes around the plastic posts that snap the panel to the door frame). You may be able to use a large flat blade screwdriver if you are careful.

Once you have the panel off you can reach the mechanism and unlatch it.