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I also like the Barn Doors. The only downfall to them is that the center post of the doors obstructs your rear view but with today's technology you can always install a rear view camera.
I thought that would be a problem until I got my Burb. The door post doesn't even intrude on my conciousness. I just don't see it any more.

The brain fills in the missing info.

ME: "Hoooooo!! big headlights back there on the right, and left, is it bikers?"
BRAIN: There's a half radiator on each side, something in the middle in a script font... Uh lemmee see now... uh, it says Peterbilt. Don't hit the brakes hard!"

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Wonder why they never made a way to have barn doors on a pick up as an option.
Cuz it would look like a walk-in bathtub you can get with your medicaid insurance.