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    im sure your thinking of the right stance as im looking for...i want the wide,beefy lookin truck stance and i figured those would help!

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    btw does my truck come with the wiring for turn signals...mine dont have them now but i heard that the 2003-2006 trucks have the wiring built in already

    2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Z71 Crew Cab "All-Star Edition"

    Line-X'd Bed
    Line-X'd Custom Brush Guard(Heavy Duty)
    5.3L Flex Fuel
    275/65R18 Toyo Open Country AT2's
    2" Rough Country Leveling Kit(want to get the 2.5 RC kit)
    EGR In-Channel Vent Visors
    Exterior PLUS Package
    Interior PLUS Package
    K&N Drop-In Air Filter
    Cat-Back Dual Exhaust
    Black Bowties
    Diablo Sport Predator(AFM Disabled)
    Towing Mirrors
    Next Planned Mods
    Blacked out Tail Lights
    Aftermarket Rims

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    Do you know by chance what offset your wheels have...... the ones that you haven't put on yet?

    I'd believe that they would but i'm not sure
    2000 Chevy Silverado 4WD Classic
    2'' lift Torsion Keys and air shocks
    33/12.50 Hankook Dynapro M/T
    3 1/2'' down pipe back 6" Tip
    Dodge Towing Mirrors
    Smoked Tails, Cab Lights, and Side Marker Lights
    1% Rear and Side Window, 20% Front Tint
    American Racing Wheels/ With a custom black paint
    Cold Air Intake
    Edge Performance Chip
    Custom Audio System
    LED Tails
    Black background headlights and parking lights

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    i am not sure what offset they are...i guess they are a 8 inch rim and my factory rims are 7 is a link to some information on my rims

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    the site says the BS is 4.5" new too rims(just always used my stock ones)so i hope i dont sound like an idiot :(

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    First off those wheels look bad ass and can't wait to see them installed . And yea I think that's no offset

    (Well here we go found this yup no offset)

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    and don't feel dumb at all we all have to start somewhere and will all continue to learn more

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    i cant wait to see them wrapped in my Nitto Terra Grapplers!...think they will stick out more?look good?

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    I think they should stick out a little more.Are you going up a size or staying the same?
    And oh yea they will look awesome I've always liked those tires they have a nice tread pattern

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    I am staying with the same size....ive only got around 15k on these,with alot of tread left.Should i put in spacers or anything?I want them to stick out and inch or two,not alot tho

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    Yea in my opinion i think it would look great with spacers i have 2'' spacers on mine so that will give you an idea(front is stock width only have spacers on back)Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks good man!...somebody told me wheel spacers are bad for tire wear?...any negative things about them? new to spacers too how come you dont have them up front?

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    Wow that's a new one for me...never heard they cause wear on tires. Personally i don't see how your tire is still vertical.idk

    But i have nothing bad to say. Wheel spacers are one of those things that it's your opinion. As far as bad for your studs or anything they are no different. I posted it a thread awhile back and got a huge amount of opinions. One of the guys on the forum pretty much answered it..ill post below.

    So this will have to be a personal decision, my opinion if you don't want to buy offset wheels you can pick up spacers pretty cheap.

    (Posted by RSMark5)
    Why would towing add any extra strain to wheel spacers is my question? The strain on the lugs is the strain on the lug studs, no matter whats between them. Anything over 10mm on these trucks should have bolt on spacers of >1.25", or have new studs pressed in. In most cases, the aftermarket studs that are pressed in are of higher quality than factory. So, wheres the issue there? As to your point about strain on the hub, bearings and other suspension parts, as Ajarman said, its no different than the stress of putting an aftermarket wheel. Offset is offset. The futher you push any wheel out over factory its going to put the same stress on the suspension. Thats whether or not you're using spacers. So as for you saying "I fix the issue right the first time by using wheels with the correct backspacing", you aren't essentially 'fixing' anything. You're putting strain on your hubs, bearings and lugs the same as a set of spacers would. If the spacers are wheelcentric to your wheels, then I wouldn't sweat towing with spacers.

    The style you see below, are not wheelcentric, and are dangerous at any capacity.

    The bolt on type (shown below) are totally safe given that you are getting them from a reputable manufacture who is using top quality materials. As Ajarman said, Motorsport tech is pretty much the person I'd go to for some custom spacers. They can adapat nearly anything to anything.

    Spacers have so come so far, that they're evening using them in OEM applications. I don't mean like a chevy sonic with 150hp. The Porsche 997 Turbo comes factory with spacers, as do several of the port installed option Mercedes wheels. So my $0.02 is if its done right, and its good enough for OEM manufactures to use it, and its good enough for the race track, why wouldn't it be good enough for towing?

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