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Thread: back up light

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    Glad to see that you got it working, however, the reverse light circuit is not designed to carry that type of current. Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but you really do need to put a relay in for that. Just go to the zone and ask the guy behind the counter for an off road light relay. Here is a link to one:

    What a relay does is allow you to use a low current wire to switch a high current device. A relay is nothing more than an electronic switch. When you feed 12 volts to the coil, it closes contacts that are rated for much higher current to feed high current devices like off road lights. While you can safely power a relay with your reverse light wire, your tail light harness is designed to have a load of maybe 5 amps drawn from it. When you start trying to pull 10 to 15 amps through that wire, it will get hot and start to melt the plastic insulation. Eventually, it will melt into another wire and either cause a short or make really strange things happen. A fuse by itself is going to do nothing to stop you from melting your harness.

    Think of it like this... A fire hydrant is your battery. It can make LOTS of power. Think of the wire to the reverse light like a garden hose. It will do a good job at watering the lawn or washing the car. now hook one end of the hose to the fire hydrant and the other to a fire truck. Now, we know that the hydrant can supply all of the water the fire engine needs, but not through a small hose like that. The fire engine will suck the hose flat, causing the water to stop flowing, possibly damaging the pump on the engine and ruining the hose.

    Granted, the reverse lights are not going to spend a lot of time in use, but if you are going to take the time to do modifications like this one, you should at least take the time to do it right, rather than to come back here in 3 months asking why you keep popping fuses and see smoke coming out of the dash when you turn your lights on. a 7 dollar relay and 10 feet of wire is going to be a LOT cheaper today than replacing a wiring harness later.

    Just my .02 and worth every penny that was paid for it.
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