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    Default Water leaking from muffler

    I have a 2011 4x4 Tahoe. It has a little over a thousand miles on it. Easy around town driving for the most part.
    I ran a few errands today & noticed every time I parked, water or fluid was dripping out of the muffler. Right where
    the back seat door is, I bent down to look underneath. Before muffler meets pipes. Is this normal? Seems like alot to me.
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    it is most likely condensation forming on the hot muffler and within it. this water is created durring normal combustion its basic chem
    2 C8H18 + 25 O2 → 16 CO2 + 18 H2O
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    Thanks so much for your quick reply. Just seemed an abnormal amount since it was running down the driveway.

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    You need to put about 30 miles of highway driving on the vehicle and then check to see if there is any liquid coming out. Making short trips doesn't allow the exhaust system to heat up. As posted above exhaust gas has a lot of water in it and if the piping/mufflers aren't hot enough to keep it in gaseous form it will condense and find its way out of the nearest point hole. I don't know how far you have to go to get it hot but I do know 30 miles will do it. If you are still getting a lot of fluid out after driving a long distance then you might have a problem.


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    there is a little drain hole at the end of the muffler so condensation can escape. Hopefully resulting in a muffler that dosen't rust out!

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    Naaaah, it's a worn out muffler bearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dana W View Post
    Naaaah, it's a worn out muffler bearing.

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    ive heard of this, its from the muffler fluid not being changed.


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    We have a lot of characters here but in all seriousness, if the shop guy did not change the muffler fluid when you had your oil changed...... OOPs

    As mentioned above the moisture can build up when weather is cool and exhaust doesnt get hot enough to create a gas to exit through the tail pipe.
    Take a good drive and get it warmed up then recheck. Allowing the condensation to remain in the muffler for long periods of time will cost money for a new muffler far too soon.
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    All the guys above are correct, moisture (condensation) will form inside the muffler and drip out of the tailpipe.

    But, there are other places for condensation to originate, the front (underhood) ac will drip condensation under the truck (but this is at the front); however, if you have a rear ac system, condensation can/will drip from that. The rear system has a hose that lets water drip from the area under the seat.

    If you were driving with the rear ac turned on, try if with the rear turned off and see if the dripping stops.

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