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    TO; GMCT forum members

    Hello again
    I just thought i would bump this hello post, a few weeks in, not for the notoriety. but i left a bunch of stuff out, when i first posted this thread…. guess i was being shy

    I will start like this, I learned to drive when i was 12 or 13, started on a corn row massy, yep that three wheeled thing went through every slew i could find,,,
    now every once in a while i got do boot around in a 63 Chevy, it was yellow, or rusty or both, the doors were heavy and made this god awful noise when opening or closing them,

    and if you were riding shotgun you had to roll down the widow window with a pair of vise grips and reach out side to open the door to exit the truck,,, , maybe thats way my one arm is longer then average? it was very hard to shift/ find gears and a double clutch was always needed, not sure of the exact millage, but i remember the mileage on that truck was 900 000 m+ when i was 16. it went to truck heaven when i was around 17 0r 18, its long ago, but worked till the very end and made it to 1 million miles..

    My first truck, i built when i was 16 it was a 50 Chevrolet, lowered( cut the shackles) slapped a set of road hugger mags on a set of 5 spoke chromes, and painted it cannery yellow a stock gm paint, it had a straight six , with a polished valve cover, and that truck never stopped ratting around, i was 15 and 16 at the time, sold t a fellow in alberta for a v8 swap out, and i believe is still on the road today

    Now my first real deal project was my moms old car, it was bought from the dealer for my mom in 1970 it was a bright orange 1970 1/2 fire bird, ..and as you get to read some of my posts and future posts, you will see more of my projects…as i find and convert old pics to digital, thats a whole other post, or rant or rave.

    I have driven almost every thing now.. i am here, old and suffering from SS (sometimers syndrome).(sometimes i remember / sometimes i forget)
    I am still wanting to go for a dig in a articulating rock truck, if they would let me, them are big sass trucks…but other then that i think i got it covered, from plains to trains, boats , floats , tractors to trucks.
    I have off roaded in the mountains , deserts, jungles , outback, brush/bush and the flats and bogs of home, I have covered the black tops of our home lands from coast to coast and from the gulf to the far north.

    THis goes for fixing things as well. My career is a rather unique and rare it provides me the opportunity to work with a great variety of trucks, equipment and specialized machinery,.
    over the years i have learned to master the art of electrical, hydraulics, mechanical , nematic and variations, combinations of some or all.

    Things i have worked on/ with ford, dodge, international, GM, macs, case, Cat, Cummins Yanmar, perkiness, Kubota, Massy, John Deer, kawasaki, polaris, koler and i know i am missing some like Wisconsin ,OTC, Duramax, etc,
    Some times i have manuals, sometimes I call friends, lots of times i just sit on the shop floor with all the pieces till they all fit…

    I like to work with all my equipment not just fix it, so if i got a trencher that cuts a 11 ft depth i got to see it ,do it and get 12 ft out of it, just the way i am, with my equipment , builds and trucks. I have some pretty things, but i have some not so pretty things that do a pretty good job.

    I work on a lot of job sites away from my shop so i find it vitally important to be well maintained cleaned and tuned up, as down time is the most expensive cost factor i can think of.
    I dig dirt shape earth, build green spaces, that kinda thing, i do luv what do and try to and do it very well, I sorta think its my way of saving the planet,

    My shop was built by me in 1990 and i am still building today, it has seen many changes over the years. it has a small machine shop a welding shop, hoist, metal bending equip. presses cranes, at one time a paint booth. It's my retreat from the real world, a place to play, rest, create, and fix some of the most amazing things.

    I get Cabin fever yearly from withdraw of the summer time months, I self medicate with building or rebuilding something in my shop. i have tried to live over seas where it is warm in my winter, but really just like it at home.

    I am one of those happy go lucky people, and wish nothing but the best to all,
    I learned a long time ago its impossible to fix a person, they must want to be fixed and fix themselves,
    but a machine is just that, a machine…. and i can fix one of them things almost every time, anytime…..

    Now, i really did sign onto this site to find some Topkiick / Kodak folks but found so much more… Thanks again !!!!!!! Nice to meet you all!!!!!

    PS. more stories pics and posts, and maybe even a blog,, coming soon, check my main Dirty Dog page once in a while, after work today i will catch up on the JW speaker lights,nice day to work on your truck thread. and a new nice day to get stuck post, old pics and story new post….
    Have a great day !!!!!!

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