I cant seem to find the information I want so If we get enough can sticky it... ;)

Anyways, I got
2001 Chevy Tahoe - Base 4.8L
Transmission - 4L60-E
Transfer Case - NP246 - AutoTrac

Now I cant figure out for my Project.....
I believe it is 10.5 Inch Rear Solid Axle right? So now I trying to figure out the ring gear so I can make a match for my new setup to match that ring gear so I get best from my box for On and Off Road use Correct?
Anyways if someone has the info that would be great. And perhaps the Codes for Identification would be marvelous.

- Kyle (The Shop Customs) 604-726-2065

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Not sure if this is right Axle Ratio - Rear: 3.73?
And sees when I go to replacement Axles that its 3.42... So very confused, starting to think I should see if dealership on Vin Check can give me the Ratio, Ring Gear ect... I need to make match front to back for best results...

Also, what kind of Independent Differential Box would work as a general Replacement for Stock Front one?
I was thinking of the Corvette Box but I don't think it would be big enough to house the stock ring gear size either.. :(