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    Default Do you think its weird....

    I've been wanting a new 2500HD, but I won't trade in none of the trucks I have now. My firends think that makes me weird. Do y'all think thats weird?

    Heres my point of view on it. I paid X dollars for the truck, at best the dealer will give me half what I paid( 07 w/121k miles). I couldn't replace the truck for what they give me trade in. The trucks are paided for. WHy shouldn't I just keep it and buy the new one I want? Plus I wouldn't want to drive the diesel everyday.

    Am I weird for this?

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    You're not weird for that -- you're just more prone to having a yard full of trucks than most people are.

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    Yes! You are wierd! Welcome to the club! There ain't nuthin' better than a yard full of trucks! (Now... if I could just get my wife on board...)

    be careful, however... The dealer oftentimes will SAY they are giving you more for your trade than they actually are. They can move numbers around to make them look right on paper. Be careful and know what you are getting!
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    Yea were all weird, I've got a driveway full of vehicles I refuse to trade in.
    #1 why give away any equity you have in the vehicle to the dealership if you dont have to, they wont pay you it's true value and their gonna turn around and try to make money off it, thank you very much I can clean it up and put that much more money back in my pocket, or maybe keep it and use it to stop from putting heavy wear on the new truck.

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    Having been in the car business, I can tell you now that they are a wholesale to retail business. They buy EVERYTHING at or below wholesale and then re-sell it at retail. It doesn't seem fair that they wanted to buy from me at wholesale and then sell to me at retail. That is, in effect, "Double Dipping"... They got paid TWICE on ONE deal.

    New car dealers keep very few of the cars that come in on trade. They "wholesale" them off to used car dealers or send them through an auction. This is where ALL used car lots get their vehicles. They are ALL vehicles that didn't cut it for the new car dealers. So, because they will be selling 90% of the trade in cars off to used car dealers at wholesale, they will give you LESS than wholesale for yours so they can make SOME money from the used car dealers for their efforts.

    The dealership I used to work for would actually have customers PAYING to trade in, but making it look like they were getting almost resale value for it. It is all in how they present the numbers. You are FAR better off to take it in for a detailing and then sell it on Craigslist than you will EVER be trading it in!

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    Your just one of use. I have 2 Chevys now and I now a diesel is in my future
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    1965 c10 swb, zz4 350 with the hot cam and fast burn heads and a 780 Holley on top, richmond super street 5 speed,restorod

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    You are weird in others people's minds but who the heck cares!!! Really it doesnt matter what they think! You are out for you and no one else! So have atter and get as many as you want! If you run outta space send a few my way!
    Hello everybody! Isn't it a wonderful day?:party:

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    I am weird in many people's minds... including those at the home owner's association... Maybe even in violation...
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    heheh nope not weird just a little off lmao more trucks,,, more trucks , more trucks ,,,,lmao
    I have only sold one of my personal trucks ever i still have all of the ones i have ever owned except that 50 yellow chevy and if i could find it now I would buy it back......
    but I do have the space to keep my toys, most don't so i understand trading in... and its been on my mind lately to trade the pathfinder off on the GMC Terrain.... If only they would come up on the value they have offered on it for trade the deal would be done... and I would have a new Gmc and be missing the pathfinder.... I think i could live with that......

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    I would have liked to keep my 07 but it just wasn't in the cards financially since I still owed more than the Blue Book value on it. Dealership actually gave me full Blue Book price which surprised me since it was not in the best condition. According to them I "babied" it....yeah right.

    I would say you are not weird for wanting to keep it.

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