Ok not many posters here about getting stuck, but here, where i live, it just happens, no need to think it has an adverse affect on what we think of your driving skills,,,,,, its all about how many trucks tractors and rigging it takes you to get unstuck the we rate your driving skills on,,,,,

So I promised you a story of the best stuck ever,,, well here it is, we call it " I ton water truck/duckClick image for larger version. 

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The truck: GMC Tow Truck, bought at auction for 1500.00 in 1990,, sold the wrecker, lights and safety gear 2900.00 , and needed a water truck in a hurry, so we strapped on a 250 gallon polly tank a 3 inch fill pump and a 1 inch pressure pump add 300 ft of high pressure hose some racks and mounting and you have a built in a day water truck.....
Worked it all day hauling filling and dumping, last run of the day, we ran the tank dry, drained the pumps and laid the hose out down hill so no risk of freezing over night and would be ready to go at 6 am.........
6 am the next morning go to get the truck ........its gone...... vanished...... we left it right here on the top of the hill in bull low and the park brake engaged........ ohhh Wait there is the hose way down the hill but its facing up hill ..... thats so weird... follow the 300 ft of hose, ohhh found the truck, in bull low with the park brake still engaged in the creek, all most floating .... well lets get the loader and getter out, nope loader won't pull it, ok lets get the truck and tie it to the loader and the two should pull it out,,, Nope,,, ok now what.. this is when the first rule of custom shop work comes to play, in the field ....if it don't fit get a hammer, if it still don't fit get a bigger hammer.... well we call the neighbour and he came over with his big massy,,, that will pull it for sure,,, nope Neighbour goes back home puts on the duallies, with a snort and grunt it finally tugged that water truck out,,, ok now if we were all at home and the truck was in bull low and park brake engaged, How did this truck end up in the Creek????

that night we repeated our exact steps of the night before, but this time we waited and watched , of course we had a bottle of Jack,Ice and some cola we hung out had a few drinks while watching the truck and listening to some good tunes... half way through the bottle we noticed the truck had moved 12 feet, down hill, no one was near it it just moved,,,, so we drank the rest of the bottle and barked at the moon as we discovered that this truck was really a water truck, or duck......it back click of a cog approx. every 3 sec click... click... click... down the hill towards the creek. apparently the park brakes were not grabbing,, ever been this stuck?