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    Default BioDiesel 6.5 Diesel?

    Has anyone used/made biodiesel for their 6.5 T.D. trucks? Any problems? Tips? With fuel well over $4 a gallon Im going to try it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Stanadayne, who makes the injection pump, set a limit of 5% bio mix for these pumps, even with ceramic rollers in these pumps. There are several people who have managed to run waste oil and veggie for extended periods of time, but I have seen people totally destroy one in only a few thousand miles too.

    Those who have been successful seem to be those who processed the fuel themselves' or relied on friends who do. The big thing in common with them all has been how meticulous they have been in filtering the fuel and processing the fuel.
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    Thanks for the reply. But I am sorta clueless about these IPs, what exactly are "ceramic rollers". Would the problem be lubricating the pump?

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    I ran a Perkins Diesel in my Toyota rockcrawler for a couple years on BioDiesel with no issues at all, I only stopped using BioDiesel because I'm only putting about a 100 miles a year on the truck now and I dont have the time and the resources arent as easy to get anymore to make my own diesel fuel.
    I know a few people running GM and Isuzu engines on BioDiesel with decent results.
    The biggest concern is getting the fuel mix right for those engines, they have no problems burning the fuel but you can get deposits if your mix isnt correct.

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    Lubrication is a small part of a problem. The rollers are an internal part of the IP that is used to drive the plungers in the IP inward forcing the fuel out to the injectors. Lubricity of the fuel isn't the only issue associated with these pumps though. I think it also has to do with sugars in the fuel as well. As I mentioned, anyone I have talked to that has run bio on a 6.5L has stressed how meticulous they are in processing their fuel.

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    Ok thanks for the info. From all the research Ive done on biodiesel, I will take extra time processing it and making sure Ive removed as much of the sugars and other non fuel like substances in the mixture. I only plan on running about 5 gallons at a time in my 34 gallon tank, so hopefully I can save some money:/
    Thanks again for the help

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    Something I noticed when processing my own fuel was if I aged it a few weeks I got slightly higher EGT's but also a little better mileage.

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