Hello GM Truck Club,

I'm a United States Marine and currently the proud owner of a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71. I grew up on Mopar, but I have to say ever since buying this truck I've become quite pleased with GM. Unfortunately, my love of GM didn't start out with my first GM truck.

My first experience was buying a used 1997 Chevrolet S-10 from the worst kind of truck owner. A guy who thinks he knows everything about working on vehicle, but in actuallity knows next to nothing. I'll be the first to admit that I am not a mechanic, but I'm pretty good at figuring out how things work. When I bought the truck I took it to a mechanic who said it'd be a good A to B pickup and that there were no major problems, but he would soon be proven wrong. I'm going off on a tangent so if you want to skip to the next paragraph I understand. The first issue was that the left rear break light wouldn't work, I assumed it was a burned out bulb, as it turns out the previous owner had taken a blade and cut every single wire to the rear lights and then randomly taped them back together until some of them worked. He didn't have enough wire left over to attach it to a proper ground so he used a pair of vice grips and clamped the ground to the frame. When I bought truck the fuel gauge wasn't working, he said he had replaced it before and that it went out about every year along with the pump. When I finally got the time to check out the pump I noticed that on his previous attempt to fix the fuel pump he had completely shorted out the fuel gauge. I assume what happened was when he had replaced the fuel pump and was putting the fuel tank back in place the wiring harness got in between where the fuel tank strap attaches to the frame of the truck and had been crimped when he tightened the bolts for the strap. It was a miracle the fuel pump even worked anymore. Next the heater core went bad, in all my years of owning vehicles and working on cars I have never seen a radiator as filthy and rusted as this one. I washed it out no less than 10 times in the span of 1 month. I replaced the thermostat and used anti-rust flush and the water would still turn a sludgy rust orange. The last thing to go was the clutch, after driving I began to notice a grinding when I would let the clutch out after shifting into 2nd. Rather than fix this as well I took the truck straight to a used car lot and said I wanted a new truck.

My next exprience was driving Chevy Love pickups over in Iraq. While on a FOB (base) we would typically not drive tactical vehicles such as the Humvee (HMMWV) or MRAP unless you were a grunt, which I wasn't. Instead we would drive government contract vehicles such as the Chevy Love. It was interesting driving a vehicle with a KPH speedometer, they were gutless vehicles and had a governor that wouldn't let you drive over 120 kph (75mph). Ultimately they were very reliable especialyl considering all the sand and dirt they had to operate in.

Most recently, I bought my GMC Sierra and instantly fell in love. Unfortunately, we had a rocky start. Shortly after purchasing the truck I began to notice a loud scraping noise from the rear end, but only when I left off the gas. I took the vehicle in and the mechanic said the rear end was shot. I know what you're thinking "I suck at picking out vehicles". But I took this truck and got it checked out by a different mechanic who said it was good to go. I think I just have bad luck, in any case I took it to the dealer who said they would fix it at no cost to me which I thought was awesome since the state of Idaho doesn't have a lemon law. The guys at Sunset Motors really took care of me and I would recommend them to anyone shopping for a used vehicle in Boise, Idaho.

After that fiasco with the rear end the truck has been perfect and it is a joy to drive. I look forward to many years of fun-filled driving.