just read thru the whole thing aswell.

and i gotta say man, nice ride, between the simple mods like tint, the tonneau, and ditchin the air dam; and the more expensive ones like the leveling kit, the headlights, and the denali grille, it's all come together great and you have a very clean, sharp lookin ride!

a simple way to spice it up under the hood thats inexpensive is to color match your fan shroud, engine cover, and fuse box. I think the white will look great and really stand out visually under there.

My Truck is Dark Forest Green and Silver Two Tone, and opposed to going chrome i went with predominantly black mods to give it a Darker, and bear with me here ~ tougher appearance lol.
But liking the way the Red Z on the Z71 sticker stood out i decided to go with red as an accent color, which is what color i chose to paint my under hood plastics. Sometimes a multi color scheme can look really good, as long as you dont go over board. Just somethin to remember.