My Suburban has been needing a paint job since I bought it, but now it's getting where it REALLY needs it. It's getting surface rust in more and more places and has one through-hole from rust. So, I need to paint it this year. I'm not liking the idea of sending the truck off to have it painted for 2 reasons. First is cost. It's gonna cost a small fortune to have the truck professionally bodyworked and painted. Second, I don't want to not have access to the truck for an undefined length of time while a bodyshop does the work. I also now have my new shop. So, I'm considering painting it and doing the bodywork myself.

The big issue with me doing the work myself is the truck is huge and I don't think I could get it done in one sitting and the shop isn't big enough to leave in the shop more than during the day because the truck is too long to fit. So, I was hoping I could work and paint the truck in sections, ie roof first, then hood, then one side and eventually the other. The question is will the paint not look right or match if I spray it in multiple sittings? I'm planning on using the DupliColor Paint Shop line of paint.