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That looks like stock and works better my fav type of mod.. guess i need to take a look at one for the ram since we all know how much those trannys like heat even though i have the new 5spd auto! thanks for showing how easy is actually is!
Mike, I couldn't agree with you anymore, on this looking like a Factory/Stock Setup!!....and being easy to install.

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Nice mod and informative write up Mike, sounds worth doing even though I don't tow much.
Adam......I've been out doing errands over the last couple of hours...in the city stop-n-go traffic and on the freeway and the Trans Temp was right at 120 degrees, which is about 20-degrees cooler, than before doing the Cooler Swap.

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Well, that's very interesting to say the least. It makes sense that a larger trans cooler would do a much more effective job for cooling, I didn't think it would do that much of a difference. 90 degrees is like nice bath water, lol.
Ya Steve, I also didn't think it would be this Big of a Change, in the Temp reading's....I've been very Impressed with the Results!!

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Nice write-up Mike!
Thanks Del....

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Those are good numbers Mike. Your weather is about the same as here during boating season. How much does your boat & trailer weigh?
Stephan, Up in the Napa Valley, here in Northern/Calif. where we go boating, can and does get Hot.....during the 4th of July the Temp were High 90's...Low 100's.....My Boat...Motor and Trailer Dry Weight is around.....3500/3600lbs.......The True Cooler 40k I bought from,