I seem to have every bolt out to drop it except one....the one dead center at the top. Is there a secret that I don't know about? I have pulled the crossmember, and dropped the tranny/transfer case to the point that the transfer case is sitting on the next crossmember back. I think I can see this bolt with a flashlight looking from the back of the transmission, but not 100% sure I am looking at the right bolt. It looks like it is a stud with another bracket over it....who in their right mind would do that to us?

I am thinking I am going to go ahead and drop the transfer case first, then do the transmission on it's own...this would allow me to drop it a little further and might make it possible to get to with a U-joint and 10 foot extension (slight exaggeration). But...I have a question about separating the tranny and transfer case. See pic first:

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Do I pull the bolts (A), or the nuts (B)? In other words, does the adapter stay on the tranny or the transfer case. According to the Haynes manual, I pull the nuts....but that just doesn't feel right to me. It looks to me like there is a seal between the adapter and the transfer case, and not at the tranny, which makes me think the adapter should stay on the transfer case. Any thoughts on this?