After seeing all these transmission problems lately on this site resently I will help with what I know. I was talking with a local transmission shop owner last year sometime who has been in business in the area for over forty years. He had to rebuild the tranny in my Grandfathers F**d Escape.He filled me in on the in's and out's of maintaining your tranny. First off he said if maintained properly your tranny should last a long time.

When backing or going forward then shifting into the other direction come to a complete stop before moving gear selector handle.

When at a stop accelerate normally, try to avoid aggressive starts.

When driving try to avoid flooring the throttle unless nessasary. In other words try to avoid the tranny shifting down when passing.

If you tow a trailer or haul heavy loads reagularly, your fluid will need changed every 12,000 miles or sooner depending on the severity.

The maximum milage anyone should go is 25 to 30,000 miles without a change of fluid.

When hauling trailers or heavy loads put transmisson in the next lower gear, in otherwords do not put in overdrive. Use the tow/haul feature as well if you have it.

Keep in mind this is one persons opinions, professional or not. Ultimitly heat is the number one killer of transmissions. He also said you can do nothing and replace the tranny when it goes and probably have as much in it as you do a rebuild or remanufactured transmission as you would with all the fluid changes if done at his suggested intervals of course depending on if you do it yourself or a shop, and type of tranny you have to rebuild.