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    Default My 2001 Suburban - What should my expecations be?

    I just found this site today. This is my first post. Thanks in advance!

    I am the original owner of a 2001 Suburban with 150k miles. Periodically, I go through the mental exercise of selling it and buying something a bit more recent. At the end of that exercise, I continue to conclude, "keep it til it dies."

    That aside, I'm trying to consider a worst case scenario of driving it to 200k+ miles. What are some of your experiences in regards to major repairs, longevity, etc. Sure, a true "worst case scenario" could mean everything fails, but what should I expect?

    Front or Rear Suspension?

    Since 100k miles, I've had to replace the fuel pump, rear main seal, washer fluid reservoir, and U-joints.

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    My thoughts on it are as follows. Never purchase anything that you can't repair yourself. The older technology works just fine IMO. Diagnostic troubleshooting software is cheaper. Parts are still readily available.

    Biggest expense would most likely be dropping in a new engine. Take good care of the one you have now and you'll just be replacing the parts around the short block that wear out. In some cases you can just redo the heads and squeeze a little more life out.

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    Welcome to the GMTC! Add a little more info of your truck to help with more precise answers; 1500, 2500, 2 or 4 wd?

    We just replaced a bad spindle/abs sensor on my wife's '02 2wd 2500, otherwise it's been a pretty uneventful couple of years of ownership. Regular maintenance, as many washes as she can find time for, and keeping me from 'customizing' it too much, has served her well. We bought it from a dealer, but my wife new the original owner family, and they maintained it well.

    Ours has a 6L, and I like the power and smoothness, but I'm more familiar with the 350 in my '99 (and a number before that) - with that said - 150K isn't even broken in, yet. Stay on your maintenance, fix body damage as soon as possible, and drive that rig.

    Good luck,

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    I currently own a 2001 Suburban 1500 LT(auto-ride)4x4. I have 154k and still going. In it's life under my ownership, I have replaced the fuel pump twice. i've also replaced the front hub bearings twice (still getting the ABS light- bad sensor). Other than that it has been nothing but routine maintenance(two batteries, god knows how many front and rear brake pads, fuel and air filters, belts,etc.). I love my truck. This is my second chevy truck and it has been an adventure. I would drive it anywhere. hope that this helps

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    I just had a 2002 suburban at work today with 244K on it. Its in great condition. Its due for its second set of spark plugs. We replaced the water pump at 160k, a front hub at 165k, and today it got a new rear driveline u-joint. They are great rigs. My parents own an 04, but they are only at 45K. Do regular maintainence and it will go a long ways.

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    I bought a 1999 5.7 liter K1500 Suburban Centurion custom conversion with 112,120 miles in late Decmber 2011 from a guy I have known for 30 years. The Burb spent most of its life towing a custom built hog roaster trailer that weighs more than a ton, or a 35 foot double axle camper trailer, or running Labradors and the camper all over the country to field trials where the dogs, by the way, accumulated a few national medals and ribbons. (He has two fresh litters now, y'all want one? Bring BIG $$MONEY$$ ) If you're within 100 miles of Damascus Maryland he'll roast you and a hundred of your friends up a mind blowing pile of pulled pork too.

    The repairs so far have been relatively minor. CV shafts, Upper ball joints, pitman arm. idler arm, tie rod ends, rear brake cylinders have all been replaced. The leather upholstry is simply ratted out. It is on only its second set of front rotors and the original drums are within spec. There are no apparent issues with the driveline that concern me right now. It does suffer from the sticky rusty drive shaft spline problem, the thud or thunk when you stop and start that shouldn't be there.

    I have a slightly leaky seal in the front diffy and I think one in the transfer case too.

    I can't speak to the engine and trans. They only have 2000 miles on them. No they didn't break, they were broken. It's a long story.
    Short version - A collision with a deer took out the radiator, tranny cooler and the A/C thingywhatsit, the evaporator or condensor up there with the radiator, and the windshield. The engine and tranny got fully cooked due to the driver wishing to not stop on a busy two lane with no shoulder to park on so they are almost brand new OEM replacements.

    These things just don't seem to break very much.

    PS - This is the one that really wads my shorts, because it is so silly and difficult to find parts for. BOTH vanity mirror doors had a broken plastic hinge pin on the plunger switch side which caused the mirror lights to stay on ALL THE TIME. Hopefully LMC Trucks has something to replace the things. I hadda cut the wires to make the bulbs go out. Could not get the stinkin' bulbs out of the sockets. I think they may have been molded in.
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    I have a friend who has a late 90s suburban. I forget the exact year. He's getting close to 250k. I know he's had to replace the fuel pum, water pump, spark plugs a couple times, etc. So far he's managed to avoid anything with the engine itself or tranny. He's meticulous about maintenance though. I'd say most of it depends on your level of care and driving habits. Just try and baby it from here on out and I can see you getting well passed 200k. When something major does go, make the decision whether you want to rebuild it or get something brand new. As much as I can't wait to see what comes in the 2014 model year, I'll have my 09 paid off in a few more months and I'm leaning toward just putting the money into that and keeping it until it either dies, or my 7 year old gets his license, whichever comes first.

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    haha.. lots of life stories on this thread! awesome! anyways.. i will agree with KidHauler on this one. She ain't even broke in yet as long as she hasn't been rode hard and hung up wet. Regular maintenance and the usual replacement bolt-ons (alternator, belt tensioner... etc.) I wouldn't bet on the ac compressor goin out on it anytime soon.. my parents have an 89 'burbon (325K miles fyi) that still has the orignal in it, those things are built to last with proper maintenance (keep the 134 fresh/oiled)

    Welcome to the forum!

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