Aight, you are probably wondering what the heck a Cylinder Index is, or what im on about.

in a nutshell, your cylinder index is very simple, its the ratio of the amount of internal combustion cylinders, to your age. mines 15/25. 15 cylinders, and 25 years old.

theory goes that it should be 1/1, one cylinder for every year you are old. leniency is given for younger among us. (like me lol)
the closer you are to 1/1, the better.

anywho, the details of mine is 8 in the truck, 6 in the car, and 1 from my pushmower.

heres the rules.

they must run, or you must intend for them to run within the next year. Project engines count, the 74 ford parked in the weeds that hasn't moved under its own power for 20 years, dosn't. lawnmowers, 4wheelers, leaf blowers and so on, all count. things like air compressors, while having a cylinder, don't have internal combustion, so they are out.

just curious as to what some of our older members have tucked away. this is all for fun, don't take it serious.

have fun.