It's not all bad, all health care (except the actual prescription) is free to all, heck, our government covers the cost if we are hospitalized in the US. Alcohol and smokes are taxed to help cover health, as both contribute to the increased need for health care. We have few toll roads (our road repair costs are added into the price of gas). No school tax, it's built into the property taxes. Other reasons for the higher costs of Canadian goods, is the increased "social" costs to the employer. Employees want 6 and 8 weeks paid vacation; one year paid (by insurance) maternity leave; a year, or more, paid sick leave; an amount equal to 6% to 12% of employee earnings paid into a retirement fund; etc; etc; etc.

Oh, and that's along with higher income tax and sales tax.

It's not all bad, but it's far from good.