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    Default Under seat subwoofers?

    Anyone using one of these compact under the seat active subs? I know they don't announce that you are coming a mile away, and I am not interested in a system like that. I am really only looking to add in some of the lows that factory type speakers are missing without carrying a 50 pound box of speakers around.

    I am looking to enhance a system that is equivelant to factory in terms of power and speakers.
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    I looked into it but as I have power buckets with heat and such there was no place to put them in my truck.

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    I am considering mounting to the back wall of the cab...

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    There should be some shallow boxes and subs intended for that purpose. I've seen 4 10" subs in an enclosure on the rear wall of a mid-90's reg cab Silvy... but I don't know if it was something that bought or built.

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    I've been out of the electronics stuff for awhile, but have you looked into a powered Bazooka tube? They used to sound good for a little extra lows for a factory style system.

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    I know this guy that has a kicker shallow mount 10" sub with a shallow mount box and a 500w mono block amp thats turned quite a ways down and it sounds really good. It's a great compliment to your speakers like you're looking for.

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    Ok... much to my surprise, the FedEx guy showed up on my door this morning and dropped off my Lanzar Vector 8" active sub. It claims 600W but I doubt it will even hit 100. It looks to be very well constructed, aside from the phillips head screw on the bottom that the assembler's screwdriver slipped out of a few times. Lots of heft and chrome. The grille is stout. I figured it would be flimsy plastic.

    So my expectations for this unit are about equal to those of a computer subwoofer speaker, which is really about all I want, so I don't have high expectations for the thing from the get-go. It might surprise me. It's a heavy little bugger... but for all I know, it could be full of lead weight blocks. I'll let you know.

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    Ok, so after hours of engineering, drilling, grommeting and such. I got it installed. It is a bit longer than I thought it would be. It is right under the front edge of the passenger seat. So today, I ran an 8 awg cable from the 30 amp fused post in the under hood fuse panel. I had to send the wife to lowe's to get the nuts that fit the studs. I put an additional 50 amp inline fuse and loomed it to the grommets hole I poked into the firewall.

    On the inside, I terminated the a awg cable to an aftermarket fuse block to distribute power across up to 4 fused circuits. From there, I ran cables out to the back of the powered sub. I used the low level RCA connectors to make the hookups and bolted it down. The sub has a remote gain control that gets connected via a telephone cord (included in the box) I mounted it to the bottom of the dash with the included screws.

    After Melanie got home with the nuts from lowe's, I connected the power and tested it out. I expected that it would be on the same level as a computer subwoofer. I didn't really expect anything more. I was pleasantly surprised when I fired it up. It makes really nice, tight bass. It seems to be lacking in the really low end. The sound starts to roll off at about 63hz and is all but gone at 50hz.

    You will not announce your arrival 5 miles before you get where you are going and you won't be having stereo wars at intersections, but this isn't what I was after, so I am good with that. Inside the cab, the low end seems to collect in the upper rear edge of the cab which is perfect.

    So, was it worth 112 bux? Oh Yeah. It is plenty to fill the cab with great audio.

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    I took the sub out from under the passenger's seat because I didn't like how it came out flush with the seat bottom. I put it under teh driver's seat and mounted it down sideways. Here are a couple of pics:

    (of course, this is before I put the seat back in...)

    I am happy with the sound of it so far.

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    Looks good, nice and clean job.
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