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    Default Act of Valor/ Illegal tint?

    well, yesterday, the wife and I ran down to the lynnhaven mall and grabbed some lunch and saw act of valor. very good movie BTW. acting was well done, fairly realistic. Ending even jerked a few tears. The wife told me there were alot of women in the bathroom fixing their make up after words.

    When we left the mall, we went to a dealer to look at a truck again, wanted her input on one I saw ( was alot more reasonable then that all terrain I was looking at) about 5 we left the dealer and headed home on 264. driving along about 65, and all the sudden Virginia's state finest is behind me with his lights on. pull over figuring it was a light out or something, because there were TONS of people passing me, speed limit was 60 there anyhow.

    so i stop on the closed shoulder lane, and he starts yelling at me over the loudspeaker. Between wind and traffic I cant understand a word. He comes walking up yelling how Im stopped in travel lane (not sure how, as the shouler was closed, no cars) and to pull up to an emergency pull off. go up there, and he comes up asking why I have illegal tint on my front windows.

    told him as far as I knew, I wasn't illegal. upon him asking me were I got it done and telling him, he told me that the tint shop has been taken to cort twice for illegal tint jobs, and he (the tropper) nabs 20+ people a week for it. thing is, its been ion since june, and this is the first time Ive been hassled about it. I see tons of cars tinted way darker then my truck running around with VIRGINIA plates on em, and they seem fine.

    the tint shop told me as long as i didnt go darker then the factory tint on the rear windows, which its not, I was fine. apparently, thats not the case. My truck is plated for Minnesota, and he imformed me the tint laws there are the same as Virginia. I looked then up when we got home last night, and they are. Thing is when I was home on leave, I went past numerous local (county) and state troopers, and none of them bothered me, so I have to wonder, am I really iillegel, or is he just picking on someone out of state?

    also, not to say he was unprofessional, but he was kinda a dick about it. very much, this was all my fault, and so on.

    anywho, I have a cort summons for the 5th of April. I plan on going in in full uniform with pictures showing the tint completely removed.
    then again, maybe ill just trade the truck in and show a sales slip saying I dont own it anymore.


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    In VA the front windows can only be 50%. The back window can be as dark as you want. Did the cop have a meter to tell him how dark your tint is? If not I would fight it. I just got my front's done in VA. Good luck with this.
    I went friday at noon to watch Act of Valor. I agree it was a well done movie. I will go watch it again.

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    In the state of NJ you can NOT have it past the B Piller (between the front and rear door) But tons of cars/trucks do. It is for their safety along with yours..My wife got a ticket for it about a year ago She still had Ga plates on her car and we were living in NY. I made her a recept from my Co that says she paid $75.00 to remove the front tint and they dropped the ticket...
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    I can feel your pain, I myself am running limo tint all the way on my AL tagged truck in NY and fortunately I have not been harrased no matter what state I have been in. I really don't buy the safety argument. In fact I would ask for statistical evidence that proves criminals choose tinted cars to commit crimes than non-tinted ones. As far as driving safety goes, a proper tint job can actually reduce glare from the sun or reflections that can momentarily blind the driver and cause an accident, not to mention eye fatigue from looking into the sun all day.

    I do see the argument that it is possibly safer for a cop if the windows aren't tinted..however by the time you are up to the drivers window the damage could already be done by a passenger in the back seat that is legally tinted dark or even the front seat passengers that don't have tinted windows. It's just one more freedom that is purged from normal people usually because one person with a voice in the government has a prejudice against it, that and it is a source of revenue as well.
    btw the NY state webpage says that the safety issue with tinted windows is that it prevents you from seeing the intentions of the person driving the vehicle..hmm I thought that was what turn signals were for.. I really don't stare into car windows while I drive, I generally try to watch the road and stay in my lane..

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    Agreed movie was done very well, especially for havin active duty seals do it between missions. And ive been hasseled a few times for my truck, numerous lil pity things, its just another reason why I hate virginia...

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    he had the meter out and showed it to me, but just looking it looks ok. the % it was over wasnt alot.

    just a major PITA

    i just realized that I have the windows tinted to 20% posted in my sig, one thing ive always been confuzed on. is the % that is let thru? or stopped?

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    % is how much light it lets thru

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    Something I learned the hard way was the legality of vehicle modifications, like you I was in the Military and stationed in a lot of different states, and got a ticket in almost every one of them for vehicle modifications.
    We all know State laws vary from state to state, but are you aware of the fact that your vehicle is required to be in accordance with the laws of the state it's being operated in at any given moment? This regulation doesnt matter whether your a non-resident Military Member living in the state or just visiting for the weekend. Most patrol officers look the other way for minor vehicle issues and dont ticket out of state motorists, it's kind of a courtesy thing, Virginia seems to go after them with a vengance, especially if their Military.
    Thats right your operating your truck in the state of Virginia, and even though you have Minnesota plates the truck is required to be in accordance with Virginia Laws while being operated on Virginia roadways. This rule applies for any state operated in and any state the vehicle is plated in.
    One other item I'm surprised he didnt tag you for was not having a Virginia Inspection sticker and city sticker. IAW DOD regulations (this requirement was passed in 1999) to aquire a DOD sticker/On Base Driving Permit the local Commander must require all out of state licensed vehicles to be submitted to all state and local inspection requirements, safety and or Enviromental. In Virginia this requirement also entails getting a local city sticker, luckily if your Active Duty Military and the vehicle is registered only in your name you can take a copy of your Leave and Earnings Statement along with your I.D. card to the city registrars office and get your city sticker issued for free. Unfortunately if your wifes name appears on the vehicle registration too she is not considered a Non-Resident Military Member (unless she's on Active Duty also), she's now considered a Virginia Resident if she's been there over 6 months, under 6 months she's considered a visitor, and as such she would be required to pay a $25 resident vehicle tax.
    Yea I know the rule sucks, I fought it like crazy while I was there, mostly because once they determined my wife was considered a Virginia resident they then wanted to levy a state tax on our vehicle that was registered in Georgia but had her on the registration, Virginia vehicle tax for an 8 yr old vehicle was $632 a year, I was paying $75 a year in Ga. To this day the state of Virginia attempts to collect 3 years of tax for our vehicles and to this day I keep refusing to pay and insist they take it to a Federal court, so far they refuse to go to any court after 9 years of fighting the issue so I think I'm on the right track.
    Good luck with your ticket, I dont think you have a chance at all of winning but I think you should fight it anyways. Oh and BTW Military Members in Virginia Beach courts get no respect, the city of Virginia Beach wants the Military to pack up and leave because they have the impression they would be the perfect beach resort town and make lots of tourist $$ if it werent for the military being there with their loud airplanes, and messy ships. They never caught on to the fact that in winter every resident there would starve to death because unemployment skyrockets and the only influx of money comes from the military. Not to mention if the Navy hadnt chosen those spots for their Master Naval Jet Base and the worlds largest Naval Military port the towns would never have existed to begin with, both Norfolk and Va Bch sprung from the front gates of both bases.

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    I am sorry about your whole experience and I know that we are friends, but I am gonna to comment as a Officer/Srgt now to your post. I love how everyone calls an Officer a "dick" a "jerk" and "unprofessional" on every thread that is posted about an experience with an Officer that didn't go their way. Yes, some Officers act like that, but no-one knows what its like approaching a vehicle, especially with dark tint. It is unsettling, to say the least and we are trained to do whatever we can to make sure that we go home at the end of the day. All about Officer safety, and if we need to yell over a speaker, pull out a service gun/use of force weapon, or scream for the person to get out of the vehicle or cooperate, that is what we will do.

    Most of the vehicles on the road have some form of illegal modification, and most people DO NOT do the research to find out what the laws are. Doesn't matter where you live, or if your visiting, you should know what is legal and what is not. Most people don't get caught, so they continue to break the law. People do that all the time, whine and complain.. "I didn't know" .. IGNORANCE IS NO EXCUSE FOR BREAKING THE LAW.

    Alex, I probably would have pulled you over too, if I thought that your tint was too dark. Sorry, the Officers are trained and they know the laws when it comes to modifications...If you modify your vehicle in anyway, you should be doing the research to find out what it legal and what is illegal. Most shops know what is illegal and what is legal and they break that barrier all the time. Then the person who has the mod, usually pays for it.. I would go back to the shop and tell them what happened and see if they will replace it or scrape it off for no charge.

    Just scrape the tint off, or get a new tint and go to court and be honest and hopefully the Judge will reduce the fine.. Hope everything works out... Good luck, sorry you had to go through that experience. * Glad you liked the movie... Can't wait to see it...

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    I grew up in Va Beach and never heard of anyone who had their vehicles registered in another state to need a Va inspection. Many of the cities have done away with the city stickers. I think it is unreasonable to think that someone who is visiting a state should/will know what the tint laws are for that locale. I have had many occasions to have conversations with people in the Va Beach police department while I was trying to join that department. The thing I came away with from many of them is an anti military vibe. Why? I don't know because many of them are prior service . There are many in the reserves also.

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