Erica any updates on this meet? do you have a list of definite attendees, as of yet?

Fuel prices are coming down but one needs to shop for best cost. I use and update on Gasbuddy for Utah and Northern Nevada. Most are probably aware of Gasbuddy .com
Jordanelle is a great place for fishing a variety of fish. One should go online and look at the fishing regulations and costs of out of state licenses before they arrive.

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Erica does the reservation include the park admission fees?
Are there any discounts for the camping facilities?
Is there an agenda set up and a director to handle the details?
Not to be a pain but are the supplies like firewood supplied or does one need to bring or charcoal or.....?

I know that reservations at lodging are difficult and some are already booked so those wishing to lodge close to the Park should make necessary arrangements asap.
There are a few cabins that can handle as many as 18- 28 lodgers if all got together and shared costs. One cabin I saw has several rooms and beds and 3 bathrooms as well as a neighboring bunk house which can handle 8.

Just FYI, ing for those planning to attend.

Thansk for all your time and patience in setting this up.