I am looking for a power inverter for my Suburban, but I haven't the foggiest idea where to start shopping for one that fits my needs/wants. So, I guess I'll outline what I need and want:

  • Must be narrow enough to fit in approximately 12" of width (I'll double-check this measurement when I get home)
  • Height is approximately 12" of height (again I'll double-check when I get home)
  • Would like remote power switch capability, but I can live without if it meets my other requirements
  • Would like 3000-5000 watts of power, but I will downsize power rating until I can find something that fits
  • Would like true sine wave power, but I think I can deal with modified sine wave

So, with those in mind, where should I look for a QUALITY inverter to buy and does anyone have any tips for what I should be looking for? Something I can get locally is always better than internet, and a well-known and established website is always better than one I've never heard of before.