Hey all, I don't know why I haven't posted about this sooner, but I guess I've just been too into researching my mods. So a couple of months before I left in February, I noticed my truck was starting to get low on oil rather quickly. I didn't find a leak anywhere, but my pressure kept getting really low and I'd have to add it in. Shortly after I left to come over here, in Feb, the check engine light came on and my wife took the truck in to the dealership. They said it looked like the oil hadn't been changed in forever, but when checking their records saw that I'd had them change the oil in January, so the immediately ruled out negligence. (This is the sole reason I get maintenance at the dealership while it's still under warranty rather than doing it myself.) So they said they had to do oil consumption tests and told her to bring it back every 1000 miles. Well, she took it back in late march but they couldn't find the paperwork so they said they had to start it over. They did check the level though and it was down 2.5 quarts from where it was in Feb so they added some oil and told her to come back in 1000 miles again. The fact the paperwork was not found is frustrating but is also the first time I've had an issue with that service department, so I won't be too harsh on that. Anyway, they're going through all the tests so that if something needs to be replaced they can ensure it's covered by the warranty, so that's good at least.

However, I've gotten no information regarding what might actually be going on. Nor have I gotten any information on what damage might be going on with this and which parts might need to be replaced. Needless to say I'm a bit concerned. My father-in-law, who's always skeptical of anyone, said they're just hoping to extend the life until the warranty runs out so they don't have to replace the engine. I'm not so concerned with that since there's about 2+ years and 50,000 miles left on the warranty.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on? I'm at a loss and just hoping whatever it is isn't going to have long term negative effects and gets fixed appropriately.

As always, thanks for your input.