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    Default Correct Air Pressure

    I know it has been asked a million times, but I can't find a solid answer. I have 99 Silverado Z71 that is missing the sticker on the B Pillar/Door area that gives stock tire size and pressure. When I bought it, it came with new Nexen Roadian HT LT265/75/16's load range E with max tire pressure of 80 psi's. Right now I am running 50 psi in the front and 44 rear since my truck bed is always empty and when I have the front the same as the rear at 44 psi's, it looks like they are bulged out way more than the rear. So, what should I inflate my tires too? Are the size tires I have the stock tire size or were they 245/75/16's? Thanks.

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    I run 38 up front and 35 in the rear ... and it's within parameters specified for my 2004 vehicle. Like you I run more up front to account for weight. I can't speak for a 99.

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    I typically run about the same in my tires. I can't account for what they're at right now because my wife probably won't check until the TPMS kicks in. I guess it depends on your load/use as well. I'm not sure what came on your 99 stock though.

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    I am not sure what the pressure is supposed to be either. How does the truck ride? I ask cause you can adjust the ride a bit by adjusting the tire pressure. If it is a rough ride maybe reduce the pressure a couple psi. If it feels heavy maybe add a few psi. Just a suggestion.

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    265/75/16s were stock on my 99 Z71 and they were the optional tires. Some came with the 245/75/16, but I have only seen that size on the steel wheels. As for the stock air pressure, I would have to look at the sticker. I'll have a look in the daylight and post it unless somebody beats me to it.

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    My 99 2500 has that size tire on it. It sais to run 50 front 80 Rear

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    Quote Originally Posted by BASSIST View Post
    My 99 2500 has that size tire on it. It sais to run 50 front 80 Rear
    Umm? When towing, perhaps???

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    I've posted this tire pressure tip a couple times, it's a trick I learned many years ago from an Engineer that worked for GoodYear at the time:
    Find a nice flat piece of cement that offers enough room to roll your truck back and forth a bit.
    Load the truck out like you would for normal everyday driving, if your looking for hauling or towing pressures hook up the trailer or load the bed that way.
    In front of every tire draw a heavy chalk line perpendicular to the direction of the tire travel on the cement.
    Hop in the truck and run it across the chalk line, then read what the chalk tells you.

    Chalk line in the center of the tire = over inflated
    Chalk line on the edges but not the center = under inflated
    Chalk line evenly across the tire tread = perfec pressure

    You might have to change pressures and run the truck back and forth a bit to find the perfect pressure.
    Also if you check tire pressures at all 4 corners the pressures could differ by as much as 5-10 PSI, not every tire supports the same amount of weight.
    After you get your perfect tire pressure write yourself out a PSI chart so you'll know next time what it should be at each tire.
    For my 4wd I have a pressure for each tire loaded, towing, and daily commuting.
    When you purchase new tires you'll need to do this all over again, not every tire manufacturer with the same size tire runs the same pressure.

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    Thanks for the replies gents. I will stick with the pressure that I have set now and see if I like how it rides. I have Bilstein HD's on it and it seem to ride rough like a truck and not sure if that is how Bilsteins are supposed to ride. My dad has a '03 Sierra and he has Monroe Reflex's on his and his rides soft like a car. I'll have to remember to air up the rear tires when I tow something heavy. Thanks again.

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