Hello everyone this is my first post.

I am looking for help on some break issues. I have a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 and I lifted it 6 inches and put larger tires on it about 6-8 months ago. Recently I had to replace my break pads, rotors, and drums. After having all those replaced I am still having what sounds like grinding or maybe skipping. I took it back to the place I had them replaced and they redid everything with new break pads, rotors, and drums again. Still though I am having the issue.

So my question is: Could the lift and larger tires eventually messed up my ABS and that's what is causing it? If so, could reprogramming the tire size in my car computer fix this issue? If you have any ideas please please let me know I am desperate and do not want to act before spending more money.

Thank you