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Thread: Painting Issues

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    Default Painting Issues

    I have been really been wanting to paint my frame a little but every time i do a little I seem to get over spray on the body and have to buff it off( Not sure how it sticks with the huge amount of wax that I have on my truck).
    Any ideas on how i can do this without getting over spray on the body?
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    Take the body off? I don't know, but I'm definitely interested to see other responses as I've considered doing the same once I get the lift put on. What color are you painting it?

    And MTM, I love your posts. You're always looking for some of the most random things to do yourself to your truck. That alone was worth of the ROTM win in my opinion.
    Oh something did occur to me. Simple and straight forward... Try taping the heck out of the body to allow for overspray. This is something that came to me with no help whatsoever. And since it's above Surreal's answer, I obviously thought of it first. And this isn't an edit after the matter. I've just been training my psychic powers. So, Surreal will say something similar next.
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    A drop cloth and masking tap work wonders.

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    Masking tape and old newspapers work good too and cheap.

    Old Newspapers is also great for cleaning windows, no lint.

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    What those ^ guys said. Mask it off. A huge roll of visquine is good with the blue painters tape.

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    I usually use masking paper. Garbage bags make a mess when you remove it and there is paint overspray on it. Paint also soaks through newspaper. Just use the stuff designed to mask off bodywork.
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    Sounds like i have some good things to try.thanks

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    Home Depot sells blue painters tape and different width masking paper just for this purpose, not to expensive either.
    They also have some masking paper with the tape already on the edge.

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    Masking paper is great if you are doing a full repaint with a full paint system, but if you are just under your truck with a spraybomb, newspaper will be fine. Pick up a cheap plastic drop cloth 9x 20. 1.97 walmart. Cover the truck with the plastic and fine edge the truck with 3/4" masking tape, run your paper up over the edge of the plastic, tape all the joints between pieces of paper and the top edge to the plastic. Don't forget to seal off your gap between bed and cab. I just wad paper up and stuff it in the gap.Stuff a pretty big wad in the to make sure you have not leaks.

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    Try not to paint it with a super soaker from across the lawn on a windy day.
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