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    Default How can i Make the horse sound louder

    New to the forums, so
    HEY Thur!

    ive got a 1998 chevy 1500 that i just bought, to my knowledge with pure stock exhaust.
    Im no mechanic but i do understand the whole exhaust situation.
    Im just curious on what kind of exhaust to put on without leaving myself broke (im 17)..
    somthing loud, but not wake up the whole neighbourhood loud.

    plus the little mpg boost will be nice
    Thanks :D

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    I put the Flowmaster 40 series on my 1996 and love it. I was in the same boat you are in and don't regret my choice. The video in my sig is the truck with the exhaust.
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    I second the flowmaster muffler. If you save up, get headers and a X pipe installed and make it dual exhaust.
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    X2 on the x pipe. I may cut my mufflers off and clamp or weld on a x pipe with some sort of Flowmaster.

    If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger cheater bar.

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    Easiest upgrade, cut off the muffler, and slap in a piece of pipe. As long as the Cat is there, and you have full length pipes, it should be fine.
    Brian L.

    Brian Larson CST. KC9DAK.
    Janesville WI.
    87 GMC G20 6.2 diesel.

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    i just put dual flowmaster 40s on my '84 (355). sounds pretty damn good imo... not too ungodly loud but still quite a nice rumble. cost me a little less than $300 for the mufflers and a local shop to just run 2 1/2 inch pipe from the headers back to some turndowns by the rear axle. i highly recommend them and will most likely be puting them on future trucks.

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    Flowmasters are awesome... quiet when just driving around but deep and throaty when you get on it...
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    We got a Flowmaster dual exhaust waiting to go in. We tried to install last weekend, but couldn't break the 3 nuts loose at the flange. Gonna bring it to our mechanic and have him break them loose and try again to install this weekend. Can't wait to get rid of the crappy stock exhaust.

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    Soaking tthe studs with WD40 every day until he gets the truck might save you some money. Those studs get neglected a lot. Then when they finally get a good six point socket and a breaker bar put to them, they snap. Then ya gotta pull the manifolds and replace em. Soak em down good, and come back later with a wire brush and then soak em again. My 2% Oh yeah, PB blaster is better than WD40.
    Brian L.

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    removing the Catt made mine LOUD. like, set off car alarms loud.

    flow master 40, ended before the axle, and no catt-converter.

    removing the catt. boosted gas millage by 2 MPG.
    but it would throw a check engine light once in a while for "too lean" because it was breathing so well, the O2 sensor was registering too much flow... so it thought it was lean, when it was running perfect

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