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    i use this to bypass my passlock system works great

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    Had the same problem with my daughters malibu a few years back.If I remember right, you turn the key on/off 3 times then wait for light to stop blinking.

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    this is a weird problem i have from time to time with my 99 silvy. If you ever find a solution to it could you please share it with us. Some people say fiddling with the power lock switches fixes it although i cant confirm it. I do know it is annoying and always happens at the worse times.

    Nova Scotia Canada
    1999 ecsb 1500 silverado LT 4x4
    1991 Cavalier Z24 - needs TLC
    1972 Chevelle - Have to finish

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    do you have a magnetic chip key for home or office or a speed pass on your ring this does interfere sometimes

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacheco View Post
    do you have a magnetic chip key for home or office or a speed pass on your ring this does interfere sometimes
    On my ring I have: an RFID key and remote for a 2001 Ford Taurus, and a resistor type ignition key from a 1992 Buick. My wife has only the remote for the Sub, and keeps her remote and RFID key to Taurus on a separate keyring. Neither of us has a speedpass of any kind on our keyrings. Thanks! -Dave

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    Well it malfunctioned (for the first time in a long time) over the weekend. I forgot about the earlier post saying to turn it on and off three times then wait, so I tried what I remembered: turn it to the on position and wait for the security light to go off. I checked it about every 5 minutes, and it took between 20 and 30 minutes, and when we noticed the security light off, my wife turned it to off, removed my key, put her key in, and it started fine. Next time I'll try the 3 times thing, and see what happens - if I remember - the darn thing is so intermitent - Nov '07 was the last time it messed up. If I could GET it to mess up, I could test solutions. So frustrating!!

    I re-read the two items that "84fiero123" posted, and I'm thinking about installing the cutoff switch. It sounds like it will only work if you anticipate having a problem and open the switch prior to shutting off the Sub, and not necessarily if you wait till it won't start, then open the switch, but who knows? It can't work any worse than it does now, can it? The Sub KNOWS when we are camping and thus far from home, and picks that time to mess up, so we'll only open the switch when we are far from home to out manouever it (I'm only half kidding here!!!). Thanks for all the help, I'll post any results to pass the info on to others.

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    If you want to see if it can be bypassed check with a place that installs aftermarket remote starts.
    Thats what they do to get the car to start with no key in the ignition.
    97 burb k1500

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    An Update: another camping trip, another malfunction. We were preparing to leave, and the Sub wouldn't start. This time I tried #2WA (work around #2 - turn it on and off 3 times, then try to start it) and this worked! WOO-HOO!!!! I have not had time to try to install a bypass switch - if this WA works consistently, I probably won't.

    To summarize the WAs (work arounds):
    #1WA - exit vehicle, lock and unlock with remote, enter vehicle and try to start. Results: this did not work back in May.

    #2WA - turn on and off 3 times, then start the vehicle. Results: this worked this time, but it seems like I tried it once before and it didn't.

    #3WA - turn on and leave on untill security light goes off. Results: this worked back in May, the downside is it took 20-30 minutes of waiting.

    #4WA - exit vehicle, wait one hour, try to start. Results: this has worked every time, the downside is waiting an hour.

    Will update as more stuff happens. -Dave

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    I don't know if this helps but I know that the ignition switch contains some wiring harnesses that plug into the ignition lock cylinder and one of those is for the passlock system. There is a TSB (not a recall, however) out for faulty ignition switches and your problem could be related to this.

    I had a problem with my gauge cluster malfunctioning which was also a symptom listed in this TSB so I replaced mine with one from Autozone and ever since it has been problem-free. For a first timer with a factory service manual, it is about a 3 hour job. You have to disable and remove the airbag and steering wheel. The only special tool needed would be a steering wheel puller which you can borrow from Autozone. The part is about $120.

    I'm not sure if this fix would solve your problem but it is something to consider.

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    I have a 2001 siverado 1500 5.3, and i have the same problem. I have 2 factory keys and the intermitten non-starts happens with both. I don't think it's the keys. Is there any other way to fix this security light problem? thanks for all the help guys....

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