I am selling my 1995 K1500 Chevy Suburban 4x4 with the 5.7 liter(350CI) engine,Auto transmission,power steering,power window,locks,driver seat,front an rear heat an air conditioning,3rd row seating,tow package,aftermarket flip down Television in the rear,aftermarket DVD player.

It has 250,000 miles on the odometer.Minor rust as seen in the photos,New Distributor cap,rotor button,ignition control module,driver side front wheel bearing,front brakes,rebuilt alternator and new battery in the past 18 months or less...New spark plug wires an 2 new rear tires in the past 6 months...

It will need a power steering line(leaks a little),It need a driver side inside door handle.The door wont open from the outside,but I have it set up to temporarily open from the inside(door panel is off an will be included)..The A/C need checked or charged.. It could use new sparks plugs(I have not changed them).It is about due for a oil change.And a transmission filter change an flush an fill...The trans does NOT slip and shifts fine,except sometimes it does not shift down into 1st gear when you stop.And sometimes it doesnt go into OD...It will take off in 2nd gear from a stop,unless you manually move the shifter into 1st an then shift it up to D once your moving..And it needs a 4wd vacuum line fixed or a 4wd actuator..The transfer case does go into 4wd fine,but the front hubs are not locking in consistently(so it seems?)..And it nneds 2 new tires on the front .Also the pass rear tail light needs either a bulb or a wire fixed/plug fixed(dirt cheap fix)..And the muffler is gone and the tailpipe is off(pipe is in good shape)...

But due to fact it needs/could use some attention I am asking $1700.00 CASH OBO ..I would be willing to trade for partial cash an a decent riding lawn mower.Or things that go bang(paper work involved) and cash.You can drive it home as is(if you choose)..I drove it about 100 miles round trip last week..We are selling it because we dont need a 3rd vehicle..
And we need to buy a riding mower an some other things

You can PM me or email me Nick .. offroadrednex@windstream.net for more info or to exchange phone numbers etc..

If a GMTC member or someone who knows a GMTC member buys it for the total asking price..I will give 50$ via paypal to GMTC(for operational costs,saying thanks for classifieds use etc)..As well as throw in a pair of 700w legacy 12s in a bandpass box(nothing special) to the buyer